A Formula For Beauty

A Formula For Beauty?

A mirror reveals your appearance, but when others are looking at you they see more than what you see. You know that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their face and the same can be said about you. While you study your reflection and see your facial features, others can discern character. Do they see charisma, intelligence, kindness? But there is much more.
Looking Outside Reveals the Inside
What is on the inside is connected to what is in the outside. Your physical appearance speaks volumes about what is going on in the inside. Your habits, diet, exercise, emotional state, how happy you are and what you think about yourself, are reflected in your appearance. So, as you work on what’s inside, your outside will look better also.
It’s Okay to Want to Look Your Best
Research shows that attractive people get better treatment and earn more money than others. Positions of power seem to come to those who are more striking than most. So, it isn’t vain to strive to look beautiful, it’s smart. Just don’t carry it to extremes. Remember, your outsides reveal your insides.
Your Skin is Your Body’s Canvas
When you look at someone what you see is mostly skin. So, when it comes to beauty, your skin is the one asset that should get your utmost attention and protection. It is, in fact, the canvas on which all of your outer aspects are painted. Skin is intimately involved with out sensuality, sexuality, and human caring, as in caressing our lover or our child.
Skin Health Tip – Protect Yourself from the Sun
Sun damage is the number one cause of premature skin aging. Wear sunscreen daily and it won’t hurt to wear a brimmed hat when gardening or walking, and such. Once you’ve allowed the sun to damage your skin, there are only a few things that may help, but not restore it. You may not see the effects right away, but exposure to the sun hastens aging, and who wants that?
Well Groomed Nails
Hands that display beautifully polished and manicured nails always appear more youthful. If you’d rather not pay someone for regular manicures, doing your own nails at home is perfectly acceptable. But if your nails are too brittle, crumbling, or peeling you probably need to see your doctor. These symptoms can be an indication of fungal disease, a thyroid problem or a vitamin deficiency.
Good Dental Health
A beautiful smile has more advantages than brightening your face. Good dental health is strongly related to your overall health. Diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and gastrointestinal cancer, and bone heath are linked to dental health. If you find yourself resisting smiling, or putting a hand over your mouth when you do, take that as a sign that a trip to the dentist is a must. Besides, not smiling does not make for a pleasant face.
Tooth whitening will go a long way in building your beautiful smile. There are many at-home whitening products on the market out there. They are not as strong as the treatments at the dentist, but are an effective quick fix. See a dentist about straightening, gum disease, pain, or any other dental questions.
When you are young, putting on a good face takes a little time, effort and a bit of money. Youth seldom requires much to look good. But as you age, the investment of time and effort grows. In addition, as women take on the roles of motherhood and career, the element of time becomes a big issue. You get tied up in doing everything you can for your family and devote very little to yourself. This is a mistake. Devote some of that time to yourself. Pay attention to your clothes, your face and skin. You’ll feel a whole lot better about yourself and it is surprising how much more energy you’ll have because you feel so much better about yourself.
A few women move beyond normal self-esteem into an obsession. They agonize over the tiniest flaws, whether real or imagined. Women who suffer with this disorder fall into depression, experience anxiety, and often seek unnecessary cosmetic surgery often. There is a name for this mental disorder: dysmorphic disorder. If this sounds like it may describe you, seek a mental health professional.
Inner Beauty is a Reflection
If you love and respect yourself, you naturally take better care of your appearance. You are more inclined to work out, eat right, not smoke, and get enough sleep. All these things promote a healthy self esteem and healthy youthful body. Negative emotions can change your facial appearance because they trigger stress hormones. These consequences can be acne breakouts, dull eyes, worry lines in the forehead and down turned mouth. Take care of your inner self and you will see a healthier reflection on your face.
Social Status
Your standing in your social circle has less to do with how you look than with your personality. Studies show that women with extroverted personalities enjoy higher social standing than those women who are shy or neurotic, no matter how attractive they are.
Stress Management
Teach yourself the ways of stress management through meditation, yoga, or whatever is relaxing and stress relieving for you. Not only will this aid in reducing the effects of stress, it teaches you to remain calm during difficult times. If you handle stress poorly you will often be in a fight-or-flight mode, and that is not healthy.
If you are critical about your self and often embarrassed, no matter how attractive you are, you set off alarm bells in those around you. Few people want to spend much time with a drama queen or someone who is always depressed. Try fake-it-till-you-make-it. You will be surprised how putting on a smile and acting cheerful will draw others around, but soon you will feel uplifted yourself.
Chronic depression can lead to physical pain. Headaches, backaches, muscle aches, poor sleep. It can affect your immune system and is harmful to your mental health. Seek help for this condition. Properly treated, you will feel better inside and out and the world will look like a better place.

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