How to Kiss Your Girlfriend - know How

Do you finally want to kiss your girlfriend? Well, a quick overview of where to start is on the way...
  1. First, make sure both of you are comfortable with the prospect of kissing each other. Some girls are very attracted to the idea of kissing, and some simply are not. If a girl is not willing to kiss you, the best idea is to respect her wishes and let things lie for a while. Consider asking friends of hers whether she has ever mentioned wanting to kiss you or if they personally think that she would be open to the idea as they probably hear her talk about you more.
  2. If you joke around a lot, then it may be appropriate to ask her outright. Laugh as you say whatever you are planning to say and then be prepared to say 'Oh, I was just joking, you're special to me whether our relationship is physical or not,' or something similar. 
  3. Remember, location is key. If it is her first kiss, she may want it to be somewhere with sentimental value or have some other preference to where she kisses you. Be prepared to accept whatever she says as it may be more special to her.
  4. If she does, just go for the kiss and make it a special one.
  5. Don't have your hands all over the place, be appropriate with where you put them.
  6. Don't purse your lips (this is a different kiss)wait until both of your lips are almost touching then close your eyes and go in for the kill (but not too strong most girls hate it when you push hard on them (unless they like to play rough!!!)

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