Are You Moving Towards a Breakup

Are you going towards an inevitable break-up or your love relationship will remain strong. How much does your personality contribute to this? Do you know the answer to this? We find that there are some people who carry on together for life and there are some who follow a chain of breakups. 

What is the difference between these two types and what type are you? Those who carry on for long have one trait- they never think about breaking up. They never treat that as an option. They may at times carry on with pain but they never break-up. They tolerate their partner and try to mend the relationship. They also give in more to their partner's wishes and do not try to impose their own will. These people are now in a minority but there were days when the world was full of such people. No relationship was considered complete till marriage and no body thought about breaking up. What kind of personality do you have? Are you tolerant? Do you always ask and are reluctant to give? Do you hate it if your partner does something against your wishes or laugh it away? Most importantly how far do you know about your own shortcomings? Also do you consider break up after every major argument? Does the thought that- I cannot live with this person any more come to your mind after arguments? Do you sometimes look at your partner as someone who troubles you more than give you pleasure? What do you believe about your relationship? Is the old love still burning in your heart or have you started looking around and find other people more attractive and friendly?

Think about the answers to these questions and you will know the kind of future you will have. Most of us make our own destiny. Try to know if your partner wants to break up with you. A relationship is made of two persons who want to stay in that. What if your partner wants to break-up? Will the relationship stay? Can you keep it going? This situation is not unique. Many of us face this kind of problem. We may be still love our partner and want to continue the relationship. But our partner may be making all efforts to break it up. What should you do if you are in such a situation? The first step should be look back and think of words or actions of your partner, which must have given hint of what might be coming.

At that time because of your love you might have ignored the hints. It is time to revisit those words and actions. If you can find a patter than you may be sure that your partner had been preparing for quite some time. Does talking to your partner help? Does it help if you want to find out if they would like to continue? Does it help if you try to persuade them? Give this a try and find out their reaction. If the reaction is highly negative and accusing then better stop making efforts. Why I use the word accusing? Please read further in part two of this article series.

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