With Valentines Day coming up February 14th many couples are starting to think about how they are going to use this special holiday to show their love to that special person in their life. Sometimes the best ways to say I love you are the simple ways even though thoughts automatically turn to big boxes of chocolates, fancy dinners and huge bouquets of red roses.

But is that really the best way to say I love you? Aren't you basically saying, hey, I couldn't think of anything original so I just got you what the TV ads told me you would like. How about starting something new this Valentines Day and be a little more creative with your gifts. It's really not that hard. One of the things that most successful couples have in common is the fact that they constantly give tokens of their affections to their loved one.

So, just what is a token of affection? Here are some examples.

  • They are not huge bouquets of flowers-they are a single red rose with a happy note when they get out of the shower given for no special reason or occasion.
  •  They are not big boxes of fattening chocolates. They are knowing that your mate is trying to loose weight and making the effort to help by buying non-fat candy, fresh fruit wrapped up in a fancy box, or maybe just one extra special morsel from a gourmet chocolate shop.
  •  What they are is understanding your lover and giving gifts that are special to the two of you and aren't bought to impress the neighbors, the people at work or your families.
  •  Have fun and try to think of some small token every day leading up to Valentines Day this year. It doesn't even have to be buying anything. How about a foot rub after a long day on their feet.
  •  If you have kids and they take care of them, how about you take over for a few hours and allow them some private time doing something that they will enjoy like a massage or quiet time to read a book.
  •  If they always cook breakfast, you do it. Cook them breakfast and serve it to them in bed. Include a single red rose in a little vase and you've got a winner. Just make sure that the kitchen is cleaned immaculately so they don't get to eat breakfast then clean up afterwards.
The key to a memorable Valentines Day is to know your lover. Sure the flowers, chocolates, jewelry and fancy dinners are okay. Just make sure that it is your lover you are trying to please and not some ad-man in New York.

Article Source: Ezine Articles

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