Awkward sex encounters

When was the last time your boss walked in while you were all heated down under? Got scathing comments from your dad about your last night mushy talks with your beloved?

Or a curious auntyji caught you crossing limits under the staircase? Admit it, for it's something that's bound to happen. All of us have faced embarrassing sex moments that we would ideally like to forget.

"Don't fret about imperfect moments in your sex life; just rejoice and hold your lover tight. Your ability to deal with embarrassing situations reflects the strength of your relationship. Real understanding is about being able to feel at ease with each other in awkward circumstances as well. Emotional presence and trust is the biggest aphrodisiac and the thrill can last a lifetime," explains Renu Rai, a psychatrist.

We bring you a list of the most awkward sexual encounters and the ways you can avoid being caught...

Your mom cancels her trip and comes back home : Ravi Sharma, a student, shares his experience, "My ex and I had planned for a steamy night once my parents left for an official trip abroad for three days. I wanted to make her feel special. My parent's bedroom was the spacious one, so I lit it up with candles and scented oils to create the perfect ambience for sex. In the attached bathroom, I prepared for a hot bubble bath together. The afternoon my parents left, my ex and I were in an over-the-session. We were busy in the bathroom when my mom and my aunt walked in on us in a compromising position. We were caught in an embarrassing embrace. My ex ran out with whatever clothes she could find, but post the episode my parents did not speak to me for four months."

Expert talk : Pschologist, Poornima Sahni advises, "It's natural for young lovers to indulge in such activities in the heat of the moment. However, if you are caught, it is difficult to get over the shock. What is important is to keep in mind that when you are caught by your parents, they experience the same kind of disillusionment as you. So it is important to talk it out with your family in a free and frank manner. Initially there would be a lot of anger, but your persistence would pay off after sometime."

Dad overhears your phone sex : Sandhya Singh, a call centre executive, speaks about the time when she was caught getting hot and dirty over the phone by her father. "I thought everyone at my home was asleep. So when my boyfriend called, I started talking to him and we were actually being quite explicit. Unfortunately my dad chose that moment to get up for a drink of water. And I never realised that he was overhearing our candid conversation, until he made some sound to alert me about his presence. I just wanted to die that very moment."

Expert talk : According to Sahni, phone sex isn't a good idea. "Having phone sex can be quite thrilling, but you are making yourself vulnerable to a lot of things. It's not just about your parents, but about your dignity. The guy/girl you are talking to may just record the conversation and circulate it amongst their peers. So in that case it's just not about you, but also about your family. And most likely your parents are bothered about that more. So, its best to use a little thought before doing these things."

article source: timesofindia

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