How to select your first date location

First dates aren't normally the most relaxing of events. Still, they don't need to create any more stress than already exists, either. Read on for seven rules to alleviate the most common first date location-based stressors.

1. Dating Rule: First Dates Should Be Affordable

A first date is simply that - a primary interaction to get to know someone better. Leave the big bucks for later should things work out and try to keep the total expenses affordable for both parties, especially if you plan on going dutch.

2. Dating Rule: Find a Place With a Talkable Space

You'll get shushed at the movies and have to yell in a crowded bar. Think about your first date location and whether or not you can comfortably talk in it without too much interruption. Getting to know someone new is the focus of a first date, which is next to impossible without conversation.

3. Dating Rule: Keep It Comfy

Comfy clothes, that is. A new outfit for a first date might be a lovely gesture, but what if the two of you decide to go for a walk after dinner and your new (and not broken in shoes) make the entire experience miserable? Opt for comfortable, flattering, dependable clothes that won't pinch, sag, break, ride up, or otherwise leave you potentially fiddling all night.

4. Dating Rule: Make the First Date Location Easy to Find

If your chosen location is more than thirty minutes away or requires a map to find, it's time to seek out another place to meet. If things go well on your first date you can always sweep your sweetie off to a unique and hard-to-find location another time.

5. Dating Rule: Ensure a Non-Alcohol Based First Date

There is nothing wrong with having a drink on a first date. Making it a requirement to drink on a first date however is a sure recipe for disaster. Avoid locations that have a drink minumum or situations where your date may feel pressured to imbibe.

6. Dating Rule: Allow for Time to Interact

Some great date ideas involve so much activity that there is no time to interact one on one. Therefore, if you choose to attend a dinner theater or take a tennis lesson together, make sure you've allowed for some down time afterwards to chat.

7. Dating Rule: Make the Event Enjoyable

Don't think that by taking your date out to do something you hate you'll be winning brownie points. You won't. Instead, make sure that whatever activity you share is enjoyable for the both of you.

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