women types who use men for their personal purpose

So you are dating or you are married? Ever wondered if your girl is in fact using you? Well it does not become clear till its too late as we are so blinded with love that we forget to actually analysis the basic facts. There are different types of women and each type uses a man for convenience. Here are a few types that have been identified

Queen bee: This category is very calculative and has a subtle way of using men. Girls who fall in this category are friendly and will have a lot of guy friends, they give hope to their guy friends that there is this bond between them that over time is going to bloom into love. They will use their victims to buy them gifts, do favors like drive them to some place or help them with some work, etc. They convince their guy friends that they are falling in love with them and will play one guy over the other.
The Mercenary: These are social creatures and are after wealth, lifestyle and status in society. They may never love you but will stick by you because of the external attributes that you possess. They make their guys believe that their investment in time, money and energy is winning them points and helping to build a strong bond and relationship. here the relationship is a give and take relationship, the only difference is that you are always giving while she is always taking

The Quiet One: These types are pretty dangerous you will never know when you are being manipulated. They will show you how much they love you, every small transaction they do will be reiterated so that you are mentally aware that they look out for you. They will tolerate your habits and will nag you in a nice way so that you never notice. The hints dropped are very innocent hints. Over time you will start picking faults with your friends and family members on your own accord, but will see no faults with the girl you are with or her friends and family. She will show you how much she cares for you, your friends and family but will in a very innocent way ask questions in private when you are alone that makes you see bad habits in your own friends and family. When things are not going her way she will try emotional blackmail and cry, she shows you how much she depends on you and makes you feel like a man. You will never know that you are being used until its too late. Girls in this category always play dumb and innocent. Their key objective is to detach you from your world and be close to her world so that when you realize its too late. You have no one to lean on or discuss what is actually happening in your relationship as you have pretty much burnt your bridge with friends and family. When this happens you pretty much are on your own and many times guys give in and remain slaves to such girls due to circumstances.

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