Formulas of Flirting

It is quite unfortunate how quickly most men pack up and give up on seduction after they fail at getting a woman's phone number just by being themselves. However, regardless of whether a woman takes notice of you or not, it would be possible to make first impressions that last just by following secret formulas of flirting akin to those that master seduction artists always use...

3 Flirting Formulas - How To Flirt And Make A Girl Like You Instantly

Formula One: Attraction Sign Search. The very first thing you have to do in the world of seduction is try to decipher the flirting signs that women give out. Do they stare at you from the side of their eyes? Do they make little moves by putting their hands on you as you talk?

If you can pinpoint signs like this, you should encourage those affections even more by ensuring that your compliments really make an impact on a woman and try to mesmerize her more through prolonged conversation.

Formula Two: Cocky Confusion. Flirting would practically be the same to being witty - minus the trying hard part. A smart ass vibe matched with nice guy smiles in one package is sure to make any woman drool almost immediately. Do not be afraid of being negative in your statements every once in a while.
Provided your overall demeanor is light-hearted and your eyes are relaxed, women will never see you as a menace, but as a cocky man instead who is simply good at flirting.

Formula Three: Seduction Encouragement.

One easy way to build such an emotional bond with a woman would be to make use of hypnosis formulas that zero in on the happy and sad feelings that women feel. If you have the power to anchor such emotions onto you, you are sure to succeed. Do not be surprised if your woman of choice then throws herself at your feet.

Here's a killer tip - if you combine the three formulas above with this mind control trick known as fractionation-, you will be able to make any woman fall in love with you quickly.

This technique is simple to use but it gives "seduction superpowers" to the regular guy to attract the woman of his dreams. If you want to seduce women in as quickly as 15 minutes, then download the Fractionation Formula for free.

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When a woman seems mellow and happy as she talks to you, try to keep up a level of curiosity by placing her on a roller coaster of emotions before actually delivering proposals of exchanging numbers or going on dates. Make a woman attached to you in order to prompt some seductive behavior from her.

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