How to get back your Ex-Boyfriend back - Tips

It is only natural to feel that when a breakup occurs that it is the end of the relationship. But it is possible to get your ex boyfriend to come back to you after a breakup. It all depends on the way you handle it. Use these expert tips to get your ex back.

One of the biggest causes of breakups is allowing the relationship to become boring to your man. If you are always available and sitting by the phone waiting for his call, he will soon take you for granted. This leads to boredom and he will soon be gone. Men have a gene that causes them to need challenge. The reason he became attracted to you in the first place was because you posed a challenge to him. When you began dating, you probably had many other interests and you were not always available to him.

Over time as you became more and more in love with him, you may have dropped your other interests one by one. This is a mistake many women make. You feel that you should center your life around your boyfriend. This puts pressure on him because although he has other interest also, he does not want to disappoint you. So he gives up his other interests to. In time he will come to resent this. He misses his bull sessions with his buddies, his sports and his independence. Actually this type of situation makes both of you miserable.

No matter how much two people are in love, they need time apart. This makes them appreciate their time together more and they do not become bored. To get your ex boyfriend back, you need to show him that you are fine with the breakup and that you can have a life without him. This means you should cut off all contact with him and give him all the space he needs. After a few weeks he will begin to wonder if he had it all wrong. He thought that you were demanding all of his time. But if you can stay away from him and go on with your life, maybe he was the one that was dominating your time.

This will make him feel that he is the guilty one and he will call you. Do not make the mistake of being too available again. Let him leave a message. In fact let him leave messages for the next couple of days. Then take his call, but act as if you are in a hurry. Say that it is good to hear from him, but you were just going out the door and you do not want to be late. Tell him you will call him back tomorrow and end the conversation.

When you call him back the next day, guess who will be waiting by the phone this time. If he suggest that you get together for a talk, tell him you are sorry, but you have other plans. Do not discourage him, say that you will call him back to arrange a time and place. You have definitely got his attention again and take this as a good lesson and never be too available again.

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