How can you give happiness to your girlfriend ?

However, we conducted intensive research and came up with a few points which can help all you boyfriends to keep your girls happy!
  • Give her a small gift every time you meet her. Gifts do not need to be expensive. Even a Rs 5 Dairy Milk chocolate would do. But ensure that you do not gift her the same thing every time!
  • Share your secrets with her
  • Make her laugh, try at least every time you see her.
  • Make her friends happy. And she will also be happy!
  • Often tell her that you care about her
  • DO NOT HEAR, BUT LISTEN to what she has to say
  • Always show up earlier than her when both of you are going to meet
  • Enquire about her family and friends and always show respect while talking about them

  • Tell her she is beautiful, don’t overdo it. Do it when she least expects it. If you say it too many times than it will be meaningless
  • Sing her favorite songs for her
  • Look into her eyes when you smile
  • Girls love candlelit dinners. Take her for one whenever you can
  • Feel free to spend time with your friends who are girls. But always give importance to your girlfriend
  • Don’t talk about sex all the time. Otherwise she might think that you are with her only for sex and not love
  • DONOT EVER SAY that you are going to kill yourself. She will not appreciate this even if you are kidding
  • Learn to give her space
  • Try spending time with her whenever she is not feeling good. Offer to do the same even if she says she wants to be alone
Image Credits : HAMED MASOUMI

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